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An International Vendor Serves You in Full Scale

As an international vendor, Fangio offers a complete line of service for customers. Services begin at consulting with customers. By responding to queries received from customers, we depict customers' expectations and give them the necessary advices to help transforming their raw ideas into realistic programs.

Your Budget, of course, is one of the crucial elements for us to help running your program successfully. Although successful programs are not necessarily dependent to expensive products, but we'd like to be informed about your budget initially whenever process is started.

Prototypes of products could also be developed upon request. Its purpose is to ensure all communications are made correctly and customers' ideas are fully comprehended. We will also perform pre-production test for some products before mass productions take place. Finished products will then be shipped from factories; exported from the countries of origin and imported to the U.S.

We complete this line of service by offering reliable and convenient domestic shipping and handling services. The whole line of service is designed for those who are currently exploring factories or taking chances working with unfamiliar oversea manufactures. We, as your local helper, can make your job easier and safer. You will find it not only expedite your shipments but also lower your costs.

For more information about our services, please write to or call us at 888-882-7988. It will be our pleasure to be at your service.