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It's certainly a great pleasure to have you here! As a manufacturer and importer, Fangio provides a wide range of services that an international vendor may ultimately offer. This complete line of service starts from consulting with our customers through deliveries are made to the hands of consumers. We have taken advantages of the Internet's innovative technology in order to provide you a closer look at all we have to offer.

Company Profile...

Fangio is a factory-originated company. It was operated originally in Taiwan as a raw material supplier to various types of manufacturer. Through connections made with the factories and practices of production attained, Fangio was able to commence its first factory in Taiwan, 1982. This was the beginning of our commitment to be specializing in bag manufacture. As of the expansion of our business and the industrial environment changes, we established our second factory in China in 1987. Our office in the U.S. was set up in 1995. The establishment of this office extends our service from a foreign manufacture to a domestic importer.

Fangio now owns factories in Taiwan, China and Philippines. Our enhanced facilities and our experiences in the industry enabled us to serve our customers with great responsiveness that other makers are not capable to offer. We chose to handle only the items that we are confident with because we want our customers to believe every product delivered by Fangio is guaranteed to be of its best value.

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