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Fangio's Bag Manufacture is done by our oversea factories in Philippines, Taiwan and China. According to the sizes, equipments, and countries where they are located, each of these factories functions differently for our lines of production.

Our factories are capable of manufacturing all kinds of soft bags - We are not involved with any hard shell items such as luggage, suitcases because those items require different machinery . Our products include any soft-sided briefcases, backpacks, gym bags, duffle bags, handbags, tote bags ¡Ketc. We have accumulated experiences from products done in the past years. We kept samples of each shipped items. They are references for our customers in making choices of products' styles and materials.

Customers' Designs are always welcome. Great creativities are often seen among the ideas customers present to us. From customers' inquiries, we found many great designs on bag's body structure, color combination and, sometimes, small attachments. We, as manufacturer, these ideas are usually inspiring and crucial for us to generate functional products.

Customer's Satisfaction is our first priority. In order to ensure you to receive our ultimate services, we request the most detailed instructions you could provide. Because the costs of bags varied with materials, labor aspect, quantities, countries of origin, lead time...etc, We apoligize that we can not offer any pricing here unless all detail of your order are confirmed. However, if you would let us have the opportunity, your satisfaction to our services is guaranteed.

Please feel free to send in your queries.